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News update on Vangelis, Vangelis Comic, Other Buffy related Comic

Hey everyone!
First off, thanx to Simon and Whedonesque for posting our notice on the trailer:
--- which now has gotten over 3,000 hits! :)

Also, thanx to Scott Moore, creator of Cherub, for his generous hosting of the link to our lj site on his website for his series "Cherub"-- which is now starting its second season and has had over 60k downloads!
For those who missed it: here is the link to the Cherub website: --- there is now also a blog on the making of the second season which is very cool!

What else is up?

Am prepping several projects at once: Whilst still in the loooooooooong post, also have been prepping releasing clips from the 'prequel' to Vangelis that bit the dust: "Muffin: The Turtle Killer"--- we shot a few key scenes, but while juggling "Vangelis" at the same time, this has been put on the shelf because too many cast members simply moved out of town! (Hopefully not to avoid the shoot!)

Also have been doing double-duty on trying to get movement on two projects that are Buffy/Angel related: The "Vangelis" comic and a secret project that is very "Buffy" -related (NOT a parody) that I think a lot of fans may enjoy. Problem is just juggling a little too much.

Hopefully everything will get squared away in the next few months (they have to)

I know this lj site has been pretty passive....but hopefully there will be much more excitement soon.
Hope all are well---- and no, I didn't forget my promise to send cds to those who asked once the final print is done!

Best, CAM
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