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Vangelis and the Chariots of Fire connection - revealed!

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Ok, well, it's been mentioned quite a bit, so I thought it might be fun to mention how Angel, Vangelis, and Chariots of Fire are connected to one another.

"Vangelis" does not come from a combination of "Vaseline" and "Angel", as mentioned in a post by 'looking' at Whedonesque--- (sorry! ) ; )

Instead, I thought about the "Angel/Angelus" names and thought about one of my favorite films of all time: "Chariots of Fire" and the amount of syllables of the last name of one of my favorite composers and thought "Vangelis" would be short for "Vangelispapathanassiou" to mirror the "Angel" tv show, but this later became "Vangelisavathopholis" for no real reason I can think of, except that I found it easier for me to pronounce.

So, yes, "Vangelis" the name is partially inspired by "Vangelis" the composer and the credit frame from "Chariots of Fire".

So, hopefully that was a mildly interesting 20 seconds of reading here! ; )
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