Progress (?) Report and a pic for fun

Hey everyone,
Still waiting to hear from San Diego Comicon, should hear in May about whether or not that will happen. Vangelis I'm targeting only SDCC and (possibly) Cinequest, the local filmfest... then it's youtube!

In the meantime, speaking of SDCC, here is a little Buffy/Angel doodle I submitted to the program book, hopefully they like it enough to include it. If not, here's a little preview, hope y'all like:

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Until next time...

Testing youtube link, that's all...

Hey all,
Sorry for the delay in postings. The plus side to May being the date to hear whether or not SDCC has accepted the film, forces me to finally get started on the 'videoblogs' of the up and down rollercoaster ride of making "Vangelis. Until then, here's a test of embedding the trailer that everyone who's interested has probably seen by now...